cali 602The Calimeter 602 gives an instant calibration status on any DC MMA/Mig power source in complience with BS EN 50504:2008 (calibration of welding equipment) and ISO 9000 (quality systems) suitable for any MMA or Mig upto 600 amps making it suitable for use on most power sources in the field.

The units are arc voltage powered and can be fitted and running in minutes. Both come calibrated for 1 year, calibrations after that period can be carried out very easily due to the adjustor access holes in the front panel.

Accuracy of the meters is typically better than 1%, lengthy calibration/validation procedures will be a thing of the past. The zinc plated steel cabinet is robustly constructed to withstand the toughest on-site and in-house conditions.

These units are designed to give many years service.

Calimeter 602 Dimensions:

  • Width : 170mm
  • Height : 105mm
  • Depth : 155mm
  • Weight : 2.3kg

The meter can be positioned adjacent to the operator, particularly useful when the operator is working a long way from a power source. This version is more suited for compact welders. Alternatively, a meter can fitted to a machine.

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